Use web resources (minix, qemu, diskexplorer) to get more specific details or extra commands etc.
Also try using the man pages.

Installing Minix_over_QEMU for Windows

Start Minix over QEMU

  • Just double click on the "Minix over QEMU" shortcut on your Desktop or Start Menu. Alternatively, you might run minix.bat from the installation directory.
  • Login as root. No password is required. "ASH" is the default shell (supporting shell completion - just hit tab).
  • Most classic UNIX commands are ther for you.
  • As far as editors are concerned:
  • If you want to recompile the kernel just cd /usr/src/tools and make hdboot . The recompiled image of the kernel will be automatically placed at /minix named 2.0.0r?, where ? the revision number, and used next time you start Minix.
  • You must have noticed your mouse and keyboard have been "grabbed" by QEMU. In order to be able to use them in other applications, you need to reclaim them. Do so by pressing ALT+CTRL simultaneously.
  • By pressing ALT+CTRL+2 you are taken to QEMU monitor. Read QEMU's manual on how to use it. To go back to MinixOS hit ALT+CTRL+1 .
  • Quit Minix over QEMU

    Transfer Files from Windows to Minix

    Transfer Files from Minix to Windows

    Hints and Tips